A Guide to Maine in Home Health Care

The Home Health Aide System in Maine

Home Health Aides in Maine are supervised by a registered professional nurse. HHA’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: providing assistance with bathing, skin and hair care; preparing meals; and using the bathroom.  Home Health Aides may also help with the client’s care and treatment.

In order to be a HHA in Maine, you must successfully complete the 180-hour CNA Training Program. In order to go through training, you must be at least 16 years old, and have completed the 9th grade (a high school diploma or GED is preferred, but not required). Once you have completed training, you must apply to be listed on the Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants, before you become active. In order to be listed, you must pass a criminal background check. The Home Health Aide agency you work with will be responsible for providing an HHA orientation before you go out into the field.

In order to maintain your HHA certification, you must receive at least 12 hours of in-service training annually.

Home Health Aide Training Classes in Maine

The Maine Board of Nursing introduced the 180-hour CNA curriculum effective January 1, 2010, which mandated that all CNA certification programs must be at least 180 hours in length. You can download a copy of the 180-hour curriculum, here via a Word file or Adobe pdf.

We’ve also provided the Certified Nursing Assistant Forms, which includes the Trainee and Trainer manual, and all forms which need to be filed with the Department of Education.

Another great resource for HHA’s is the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). This organization connects health occupations students across the country, allowing students to develop leader skills and network with others in their field.

For further questions in regard to the curriculum and change in hours, please contact Virginia (Ginny) Delorimier at the Board of Nursing.

How to Find a Maine Home Health Aide Agency

The Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants is a collective resource of CNAs (home health aides) who have successfully completed the competency testing and clinical work experience required to be certified in Maine. The Maine CNA registry offers a search registry feature to verify the status of the Certified Nursing Assistant whom you evaluating.

The Maine Registry of Home Health Aides is operated in accordance with state statutes,  OBRA, and the Maine State Board of Nursing requirements. This registry is in place to respond to inquiries, protect the public, and provide information for CNAs such as post training information to become a CNA. For further information or questions, you can contact:

ME Dept. of Human Services
Division of Licensing & Certification
State House Station #11
442 Civic Center Drive
Augusta, ME 04330
Phone: (207) 287-9310
FAX: (207) 287-9325

Tips for Hiring a Home Health Aide in Maine

Choosing a home health aide for your loved one is a challenging task. Having the right questions during your interview helps you find the best fit aide for your family. For starts, you’ll want to ask a few questions that ensure your aide has met the HHA qualifications in Maine:

  • How many hours of training have you received? (Should have completed 180 hours)
  • What level of education did you complete? (Should have completed at least 9th grade, although a diploma and GED is preferred)
  • Are you currently with an agency? (Should be with verified with an agency after 4 months of completing training)
  • Can I find you on the CNA Registry of Maine? (If they have successfully completed training, they will be found on this registry)
  • Can you provide me with your full name and DOB for a background check if necessary?

Next, you should tailor your questions to meet your individual family member’s needs. Such as:

  • What tasks are you most comfortable doing?
  • What tasks are you least comfortable completing?
  • How many hours a week do you have available to be of assistance?
  • Do you work another job that would demand more time from you?
  • How long have you worked as an HHA?
  • Do you have any specialties in this field, or additional training that may be beneficial to our family member?
  • Are you available 7 days a week, or for house calls when needed?

Criminal Background Search

If your Home Health Aide is with an agency, then he/she has already passed through a criminal background check. However, if your aide is an individual agent, you may want to complete a Maine Criminal History Record search, which allows you to evaluate whether or not your candidate has an adult or juvenile record.  In order to complete this search, you will need your agents full name and date of birth.

Fees (subject to change):

  • Maine InforME Subscribers: $21.00*
  • Out-of-State InforME Subscribers: $31.00*
  • Non-Subscribers: $31.00*

Most criminal background checks will be returned within two hours, via email; if your results are not returned within twelve hours, then manual intervention may be required, and your results will be returned in up to two weeks.

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