Tips for Finding and Choosing an Oklahoma Home Care Agency

Home Health Aide Regulations in Oklahoma

State licensure is required for all home health care facilities operating in Oklahoma. Licenses must be renewed each year by July 31.

Home health agencies are regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, under the Oklahoma Statute Title 63, Section 1-1960 (also know as the Home Care Act) and the rules in Oklahoma Administrative Code Title 310; Chapter 662.

How to Become a Home Health Aide in Oklahoma

Home health aides, whether working for an agency or independently, must be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. To be placed on the registry, home health aides must successfully complete a 75-hour training program approved by the state (which must include at least 16 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of practical supervised training) and then pass a competency and skills evaluation.

To apply for a nurse aide training program, contact the Health Facilities Surveyor for Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program Applications at phone number 1-800-695-2157 or e-mail The department also provides a List of Approved Training Programs in the state.

For more details regarding home health aide training, please review the requirements in outlined in OAC Title 310, Chapter 677.

Find a Home Health Aide Job in Oklahoma
Online job sites can be the best way to find HHA jobs, especially since you can narrow down your search to your area and preferred duties. Below are some of the best job boards to use:

How to Find a Home Health Aide in Oklahoma

Your search for a home health agency or independent home health aide can start online, where there is a wealth of directories listing local agencies. The Department of Health, Medical Facilities Division maintains a directory of all licensed medical facilities in the state. To find agencies that are Medicare certified, check the Care Pathways Home Health Agency Directory.

You can also take your search offline. Check the Yellow Pages under “Nurse Registries”, “Aging” or “Senior Services” to find home health agencies or independent home health care providers.

How to Choose Oklahoma Home Health Aide

The following questions can help you determine if an agency or independent home health aide matches your needs and also if they’re complying with state regulations:

Questions for Home Health Agencies

  • Are you licensed with the state? (required)
  • Do you have liability insurance? (required)
  • Do you home health aides undergo background checks? (required)
  • Are your home health aides listed on the Nurse Aide Registry? (required; verify an aide’s status here)
  • Do you provide ongoing training to your home health aides? (required; at least 12 hours annually)
  • Do you have any clients I can call about their experience with your agency?

Questions for Independent Home Health Aides

  • Have you completed a state-approved training program? (required)
  • What services do you provide?
  • Are you listed on the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry? (required; verify their status here)
  • Can you provide me with references who I may call? (Preferably former patients or employers)

Oklahoma Home Health Resources

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