An Review of Home Health Aides in Indiana

The Indiana State Department of Health governs over Home Health Aides in Indiana. Although the State Department of Health is in place to govern over HHA’s, each agency is responsible for establishing independent policies on qualifications and training.

A home health aide typically works under the umbrella of a home health agency, and personally provides home health services that are requested by a licensed physician. Before serving the community, the home health aide must successfully complete training and competency evaluation.

Home Health Aide Training in Indiana

All home health aides must complete 75 hours of practical training, with at least 16 hours devoted to clinical training. Every hour of training must be overseen by a registered nurse. Check with aQuire for an example of Indiana Home Health Aid Staff Training Requirements mandated by the Indiana Department of Health.

The following forms are useful when becoming a Home Health Aide in Indiana:

In order to maintain a license, each home health aide must complete 12 hours of inservice training, annually. In the spring of each year (March) the entire agency staff will be required to complete a RHHA Record of Continuing Education to verify that continuing education has been completed.

Finding Home Health Aide Agencies in Indiana

When hiring a home health aide in Indiana, there are a few steps the Department of Health recommends you follow:

  1. Contact the out-of-state registries to make sure the candidate is in good standing.
  2. Refer to the RHHA training requirements.
  3. Contact the Registry and confirm that the aide is in good standing.
  4. Request a criminal background check in Indiana.
  5. Perform a competency evaluation on the aide.

Another important step is to check the Registration Status of a Home Health Aide with the name of the aide you are interviewing. This is a free service. The Home Health Aide Registration Program ensures that home health aides meet the qualifications for a home health aide and are appropriately registered on the Aide Registry.


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