Homehealth Care in Mississippi

What Is Homehealth Care in Mississippi

The Mississippi State Department of Health, Health Facilities Licensure and Certification Office is responsible for overseeing the standards for Home Health Agencies in Mississippi.

In Mississippi, Home Health Aides provide personal care services for a person in the home, under the supervision of a registered nurse or therapist of the agency they are employed with. No home health aide can work without first completing a home health aide training program.

Based on Mississippi law, the responsibilities of the home health aide shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • The home health aide shall perform only those personal care activities contained in written assignment by a health professional employee which include assisting the patient with personal hygiene, ambulation, eating, dressing and shaving.
  • The home health aide may perform other activities as taught by a health professional employee for a specific patient. These include, but are not limited to: shampoo, reinforcement of a dressing, assisting with the use of devices for aide to daily living (walker, wheelchair), assisting with prescribed range of motion exercises which the home health aide and the patient have been taught by a health professional employee, doing simple urine tests for sugar, acetone or albumin, measuring and preparing special diets, intake an output.
  • The home health aide shall not be allowed to perform the following and other procedures requiring skilled services: Change sterile dressings, irrigate body cavities such as a colostomy or wound, perform a gastric lavage or gavage, decubitus care, catheterize a patient, administer medications, apply heat by any method, care for a tracheotomy tube, or any personal health service which has not been included by the professional nurse in the aide assignment sheet.
  • The home health aide shall keep records of personal health care activities.
  • The home health aide shall observe appearance and behavioral changes in the patient and report to the professional nurse.
  • The home health aide patient services shall be evaluated by a health professional at least every other week, with the aide alternately present

If a home health aide is the only person servicing your loved one, then a registered nurse is required to make a supervisory visit to the house at least once every 60 days. This supervisory visit must occur while the home health aide is providing care to your loved one.

Training for Home Health Aides in Mississippi

Home Health Aide Training programs are offered through the university system, and by the agencies that employ home health aides; all programs are overseen by a registered nurse. All programs are required to have 75 hours of training hours, and 16 hours of clinical training.

The following topics are mandatory for all home health aide training programs:

  • The role of the home health aide as a member of the health services team
  • Instruction and supervised practice in personal care services of the sick at
  • home, including personal hygiene and activities of daily living
  • Principles of good nutrition and nutritional problems of the sick and elderly
  • Preparation of meals including special diets
  • Information on the process of aging and behavior of the aged
  • Information on the emotional problems accompanying illness
  • Principles and practices of maintaining a clean, healthy and safe environment
  • What to report to the supervisor
  • Record keeping

Mississippi also requires that home health agencies provide an on-going in-service education program to their employees, to continue to hone their skill set. All home health aides are required to participate in a minimum of twelve (12) hours of continuing education programs per year.

The Mississipii Department of Health  provides a list of approved training courses for Home Health Aides on request. To request the most recent list of MSDH-approved nurse aide courses, call our Facilities Licensure division at 601-364-1100 or send e-mail to funmi.franklin@msdh.state.ms.us.

How to Find and Choose Your Mississippi Home Health Aide

When choosing your Mississippi Home Health Aide, the first step you should take is to cross check the Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry Search; this guarantees your candidate is a certified home health aide. In order to be in this registry, the candidate will also have passed a criminal background check.

  • How many hours of classroom training have you completed? (75 hours required)
  • How many hours of clinical training have you completed? (16 hours required)
  • How often does a certified nurse oversee/visit with you? (Mandated that every 60 days at least, a RN visits with the HHA)

We suggest you tailor your questions to meet your individual needs, in addition to the state regulations. Determine how much time and what types of services you need before interviewing candidates, to help find the best match for your loved one.

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