How to Hire an In Home Health Aide in Florida

Florida Regulations for Home Health Aide Workers

Florida Home Health Aide regulations are (surprisingly) fairly lenient. Even though the state has one of the top ten populations for baby boomers, there is no state licensing or certification of home health aides in Florida. Unlike other states, Florida does not offer a state-administered test of home health aides.

How To Become a Certified Home Health Aide with a Home Health Agency
A Home Health Aide can work independent of an agency without a license. However, if you intend to work for Medicare or Medicaid home health agency, you must complete a minimum of 40-75 hours of training. Please note, some agencies require additional training, such as a competency evaluation provided by that home health agency, or additional training hours.

How To Become a Home Health Aide with a Nurse Registry
Registering as a Home Health Aide with a nurse registry requires more professional training. In order to become registered with a nurse registry, you must provide documentation of a minimum of 40 hours of home health aide training by one of the following institutes:

  • Public vocational technical school
  • Private institution licensed by the Florida Department of Education
  • Home health agency you were previously or currently employed with

How a CNA can become a Home Health Aide
If you are a Florida certified nursing assistant (CNA), you can be employed by a
home health agency as a home health aide.

CNAs are certified by one of the following:

  • The Department of Health
  • Board of Nursing
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Registry

For more information on the CNA test in Florida, call 888-277-3500. Visit Florida Health to stay up to date on in-service requirements for keeping the CNA certificate.

How To Get Trained as a Home Health Aide in Florida

  1. Attend a Technical School. The best way to get trained as a home health aide in Florida is to register for home health aide courses offered by a vocational or technical school. If you decide to attend a private institution, it must be licensed by the Florida Department of Education. The Florida Department of Education also offers a Nonpublic Postsecondary School/College Search that allows you to search for licensed private career education schools.
  2. Receive Training from a Home Health Agency. If you become employed with a home health agency, the agency may provide you with training, and/or a competency test. Use the following resources to find a job as a Home Health Aide:

Although independent Florida Home Health Aides do not need to be certified, they are required to complete and maintain both:

  • An HIV/AIDS training course
  • Certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

How to Find a Florida Home Health Care Aide

Florida Healthcare Finder has a great Facility Locator that allows you to find a home health care provider in your area. Use this resource to find: “the profile page for home health, hospice, and homemaker/companion will list the counties they serve; home health will also list if it is Medicare or Medicaid certified; and home medical equipment will list the type of equipment they provide.”

You can also use CarePathways Home Care Agency Directory Listing to find Florida HHA agencies.

Please note that financing a Home Health Aide will come out of your own pocket. You may be able to seek financial assistance from your insurance company, the Department of Children and Families, Department of Elder Affairs, and/or Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

How to Choose Your FL Home Health Aide

The following questions are tailored to Florida Home Health Aide requirements. Be sure to interview several Home Health Aide providers before choosing the best one for your loved one.

  • Do you have a current certificate of completion for an HIV/AIDS training course? (required)
  • Do you have a current certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)? (required)
  • How many hours of training have you completed? Can you provide proof? (40 hours required if registered with a Home Health Aide Agency)
  • What services do you provide? (evaluate if they meet your needs)
  • Can you provide a written description of fees? (it’s good to have a record to compare agents)
  • How will billing will be handled? (If you’re covered by Medicare or Medicaid, will that agent handle billing?)
  • Do you have proof of current liability insurance? (Although agents are not required to carry liability insurance, this is a good measure to evaluate other agents against)
  • Do you have a personal 24-hour phone number in case of emergencies?
  • Is there someone I can contact if  have a complaint with the service? (If not, you can file a complaint with the Agency for Health Care Administration through 888-419-3456)
  • Can you provide  you have any references that I can call, can you provide?

Florida HHA Regulating Agencies

The agency that is responsible for regulating Florida Home Health Care providers is the AHCA, Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. Florida has several other agencies that can assist you in choosing a Home Health Care agent. The information in this article was sourced by the following, which could also be further resources for you:

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