Home health agencies are regulated by the Ohio Department of Health. There is no state licensure for home health agencies and no state testing or certification for home health aides in Ohio. However, HHAs must gain accreditation by a nationally-recognized accreditation organization in order to become Medicare certified. The 3 currently approved accreditation organizations are [...]

Michigan’s Department of Community Health oversees home health agencies, but there is no state regulating body for home health care. Although Michigan does not require state licensing for home health agencies, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) - Division of Licensing and Certification makes recommendations to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) [...]

In Washington, home health is highly regulated by the Washington State Department of Health. Home health agencies must be licensed by the state. Laws pertaining to home care agencies are in Chapter 246-335 WAC and Chapter 70.127 RCW. To become a home health aide, you must pass the state’s training requirements and receive certification. The [...]

The Illinois Department of Public Health is responsible for regulating Illinois home health providers. However, Illinois does not offered a state-administered test or training program for home health aides. Instead, home health aides are expected to receive training independently through one of several options, and then gain approval through the state’s home health worker registry. [...]

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