Home health agencies provide a full range of health and supportive services in the comfort of your home. Services may include skilled nursing; housekeeping; social services, physical, occupational and speech therapy; emergency response and nutrition counseling. Home health aides also provide personal assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and getting in [...]

Home Health Aides in Maine are supervised by a registered professional nurse. HHA’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: providing assistance with bathing, skin and hair care; preparing meals; and using the bathroom.  Home Health Aides may also help with the client’s care and treatment. In order to be a HHA in Maine, you [...]

The Indiana State Department of Health governs over Home Health Aides in Indiana. Although the State Department of Health is in place to govern over HHA’s, each agency is responsible for establishing independent policies on qualifications and training. A home health aide typically works under the umbrella of a home health agency, and personally provides [...]

New Hampshire’s Health Facilities Administration is the state’s department for patient rights in the matters of safety and proper care. This includes operations inside of hospitals, nonresidential healthcare providers, various medical facilities and, of course, residential buildings. The HFA consists of many separate entities, which include: The Community Residences Certification Unit The Health Facility Certification [...]

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