Florida Home Health Aide regulations are (surprisingly) fairly lenient. Even though the state has one of the top ten populations for baby boomers, there is no state licensing or certification of home health aides in Florida. Unlike other states, Florida does not offer a state-administered test of home health aides. How To Become a Certified [...]

Home Health Aide Regulations in Nebraska All home health agencies operating in Nebraska must obtain a license. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the licensure of home health agencies, under Nebraska Administrative Code, Title 175 Chapter 14. Legislation specific to home health care can be found within the state statutes pertaining to health [...]

Home Health Aide Regulations in Alabama Home health agencies do not require licensing in the state of Alabama. However, agencies can apply for Medicare/Medicaid certification through the Department of Public Health’s Division of Provider Services. Call the department at (334) 206-5175 for an application package. A lack of home health licensing requirements makes it all [...]

Home Health Aide Regulations in Arkansas Home health agencies operating in Arkansas must hold a valid license from the state. The state’s Health Facilities Services division is responsible for determining an agency’s eligibility, based on the Rules & Regulations for Home Health Agencies in Arkansas. There are two classes of home health agency licenses -- [...]

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